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> 1977


Franco had just died in the year 1975; Telesforo Monzon manages to bring together the major basque politic and military leaders for a discution at « l’hotel du golf » in Chiberta Anglet.
On the agenda lied the opportunitie to balance madrid’s power, to find a political solution for Euskadi.
The congress didn’t come to an agreement because of a lack of time regarding the timing of the next elections. Chiberta was a great loss regarding history, for peace. On the last meeting, Telesforo Monzon had this prophetical words: « modu batera edo bestera, honelako bide bati lotzen ez garen bitartean, eauskaldunok jai dugu. » One way or an other, Basque should come together, if they want to have a future.
For The centenary of Télesforo Monzon’s birth, Anai Artea had on the 11th of December 2004 in Hendaye organised a meeting with those who participated to the congress of Chiberta. The issue on this meeting was: « what had happened in Chiberta in 1977? ».