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> 1995


Trial of the hospitality. One of the biggest trials in France since the case of the FLN. 81 people (Basque and Breton) where convicted on the monday 13th of November in Paris. Their crime: having given hospitality to refugees, escaping the spanish police, for some or having escaped Spain for others. Members of Anaï Artea where among them regarding a campaign « one refugee, one roof ». M. de Felicé, Jacques Maury, Maurice Barth, Madeleine Réberioux, Antoine Sanguinetti came to testify. M. de Felicé starts his speech for the defense « Honor to the Basque people, Honor to the Breton people » « The reproach made to the convicted ones (hospitality to refugees, support to the Basque people’s fight) should not be of despise but of praise. Solutions for peace will never stem if the opponent is not recognised with dignity. Regarding history the words of General de Gaulle during the events in Algeria should be remembered: « la paix des braves ». It has been a major political trial whom I leave with the feeling of an unaccomplished work. » M. de Felicé.